China Green Carbon Foundation

The China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) is a national non-profit foundation devoted to battling climate change in China. To accomplish this goal, CGCF works to increase carbon sinks across the country, encourage the growth of public awareness, while promoting biodiversity conservation. Since 2010, CGCF has been storing carbon credit to fulfill the social responsibilities of various enterprises and citizens. The organization works to promote afforestation, forest management, and other activities to increase carbon sinks, while also providing the knowledge and the financial capacity for China to readily combat climate change and reduce overall emissions.

Zhejiang A&F University

The Research Center of Forest Carbon Sinks at Zhejiang A&F University is a leading institution in China, specializing in the study and implementation of forest carbon sequestration mechanisms. Renowned for its work in carbon sink monitoring, measurement, and climate change response, the Center has made significant strides in forest carbon sequestration, particularly within bamboo forests. Their research has also been key to the restoration of degraded forest lands, maintaining forest productivity, and promoting biodiversity. Beyond their scientific contributions, the Center plays a vital role in raising public awareness about the importance of forests in the fight against climate change and in reducing overall emissions.


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