Jie Duan

Associate Professor, Ph.D

College of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University

35 Qinghua East Rd

Beijing 100083

Phone: 010-62336536

Email: duanjie@bjfu.edu.cn

Research interests:

Dr. Jie Duan’s research focuses on sustainable forest management and assessment. Specifically, he assesses key technologies for plantation cultivation from a whole life cycle perspective and their sustainability under climate change regarding ecological, economic, social, and energy consumption. He has many years of experience in productivity and yield improvement of plantations, including density control, canopy control, short rotation period control, irrigation, agroforestry management, and other research areas. In recent years, he has focused on assessing production processes such as wood, paper, biofuels, and wood pellet fuels using life cycle assessment (LCA) methods. His research strength is to familiarize himself with the upstream forest cultivation process of the products and integrate the downstream manufacturing process of each product in order to assess the carbon footprint, water footprint, environmental impacts, energy consumption, and economics of the whole product chain. His research outcomes provide insights and technology recommendations for plantation cultivation and related product manufacturing, benefiting stakeholders, including governments, enterprises, and farmers. He has led and completed over 20 government and corporate research projects in the above areas.

Selected publications:

Book and chapter:

Jie Duan, Lianqing Yang, et al. Traceability System of Tree Seedlings Cultivation. Beijing: China Forestry Publishing House, 2022.

Jie Duan and Dilnur Abduwali (2021). Basic Theory and Methods of Afforestation, IntechOpen.


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