Guomo Zhou

Professor, PhD

Research Center of Forest Carbon Sinks, Zhejiang A&F University

Carbon building 314, Lin’an, Hangzhou 311300

Phone: +86 (571) 63746367


Research Interests:

Professor Guomo Zhou has been engaged in the research of forest carbon sequestration mechanism and sink enhancement technology, carbon sink monitoring and measurement, and forest response to climate change for a long time. He is currently a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, the vice-chairman of the Forest Management Branch of the Chinese Society of Forestry, a member of the Teaching Guidance Committee under the Ministry of Education, a vice-chairman of the Zhejiang Expert Committee on Climate Change, director of the State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Silviculture (co-founded by Zhejiang government), director of the Key Laboratory of Carbon Cycling in Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Sequestration of Zhejiang Province, and leader of a key science and technology innovation team, namely the Innovation Team of Forestry Carbon Sequestration and Measurement, leader of the “first-class discipline” in Zhejiang Province, namely Forestry, and Head of National Excellent Course, Forest Management.


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