Anil Shrestha

Lecturer, Ph. D

Senior Researcher, Asia Forest Research Center

Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia

2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4Faculty profile headshot photo of Anil Shrestha
Phone: 1-604 827-5661

Research Interests: 

My research and teaching revolve around advancing solution-oriented global environmental issues, particularly biodiversity loss, deforestation, and climate change. Hence, my research focuses on socio-ecological issues of conserving threatened species and ecosystems under global change, developing high integrity and inclusive forest carbon market, and a new generation of protected areas using an interdisciplinary approach and evidence synthesis framework. My scholarship in teaching and learning focuses on advancing an active, inclusive, and learner-centered approach that thrives on learners’ research and critical thinking skills necessary to address complex conservation problems. Apart from teaching conservation science courses, I am also actively involved in developing, implementing, and researching the effectiveness of innovative sustainable forest management open education resources for teaching and learning in Asia-Pacific. This program received a prestigious award, “Best Practices in Tertiary Forestry Education,” by IUFRO in 2019 for its contribution to sustainable forestry education in the region.

Selected publications:

Shrestha, A., Eshpeter, S., Li, N., Li, J., Nile, J. O., & Wang, G. (2022). Inclusion of forestry offsets in emission trading schemes: insights from global experts. Journal of Forestry Research33(1), 279-287.

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Ren, B., Park, K., Shrestha, A., Yang, J., McHale, M., Bai, W., & Wang, G. (2022). Impact of Human Disturbances on the Spatial Heterogeneity of Landscape Fragmentation in Qilian Mountain National Park, China. Land11(11), 2087.

Pan, C., Shrestha, A., Innes, J. L., Zhou, G., Li, N., Li, J., … & Wang, G. (2022). Key challenges and approaches to addressing barriers in forest carbon offset projects. Journal of Forestry Research33(4), 1109-1122.

Shrestha, A., Liang, D., Qu, Y., Ghimirey, Y., Panthi, S., Innes, J. L., & Wang, G. (2021). Mapping distribution and identifying gaps in protected area coverage of vulnerable clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) in Nepal: Implications for conservation management. International Journal of Geoheritage and Parks9(4), 441-449.

Ferretti-Gallon, K., Griggs, E., Shrestha, A., & Wang, G. (2021). National parks best practices: Lessons from a century’s worth of national parks management. International Journal of Geoheritage and Parks9(3), 335-346.

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Shrestha, A., Thapa, K., Subba, S. A., Dhakal, M., Devkota, B. P., Thapa, G. J., … & Thapa, K. (2019). Cats, canines, and coexistence: dietary differentiation between the sympatric Snow Leopard and Grey Wolf in the western landscape of Nepal Himalaya. Journal of Threatened Taxa11(7), 13815-13821.

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Subba, S. A., Shrestha, A. K., Thapa, K., Malla, S., Thapa, G. J., Shrestha, S., … & Ottvall, R. (2017). Distribution of grey wolves Canis lupus lupus in the Nepalese Himalaya: implications for conservation management. Oryx51(3), 403-406.