Chao Cai

Chao CAI

Director of Carbon Assets Dept. Vcarbon, M.Sc.
School of Economics, Peking University
Environment and Sustainable Development, University College London

Research Interests:

Chao is now the Director of Carbon Assets Dept. of the Guangzhou Vcarbon Investment Co., Ltd. (Vcarbon). Vcarbon is one of the most important members of the China Emissions Exchange Guangzhou with extensive experience in China’s carbon market and comprehensive understanding of forest carbon projects. Before joining the Vcarbon, Chao has worked in the Forum on Health, Environment and Development, an organization aiming at promoting inter-disciplinary research in environment, health and development for over five years, which is co-founded by the Social Science Research Council in the US and the Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, China Academy of Science. With the academic background and working experiences, Chao has developed research interests covering various areas, incl. environment, sustainable development and carbon market.


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